The Gift of Life

Hello and Welcome to my website!

My name is Julia and I am in need of one, gently used kidney. I am currently on the transplant waiting list at the University of Colorado Hospital Anschutz Outpatient Facility in Aurora Colorado. UCH is a member of the national organ donation registry but finding a living donor will give me the best chance for a long and healthy life.

I was first diagnosed with end stage renal disease ESRD in December of 2011 after being referred to a nephrologist. This was confirmed with a kidney biopsy.

The damage to my kidneys was most likely the result of many years of taking a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory prescription (Naproxen) for my rheumatoid arthritis. I took the medication as prescribed without knowing the devastating effects it was having on my kidneys. Today, these same drugs have warnings on the labels and most doctors warn against long term use. Learn about NSAIDs here:

I am usually a private person but in this instance I am not doing myself any favor by remaining silent. Tired of being sick all the time, I need to find one person who is healthy and willing to donate a kidney; you only need one. I can’t pay you because that is not legal so this must be a donation. Having not found a suitable match amongst friends and family I am now asking for your compassionate gift of life.

My husband has been working tirelessly to find a donor and has been able to design and disseminate advertising like yard signs, bumper stickers, posters and cards. We have received generous support from the folks at SignTech here in Colorado Springs.

We have published this on Craigslist because there are few options available at little or no cost. If this seems like something you would consider and would like more information the phone number for Nessica at University of Colorado Hospital is 720-848-0855 and be sure to mention my name Julia Landon.

For up to date information or to support us please call 719-357-6790.

And THANK YOU for looking at my site!